30 Years of Experience in Real-Estate Sales, Management and Development.

BidLion was founded by agent, real-estate investor and business owner Stanley P. Dull, who got his start in real-estate at the age of 19 when he earned his real-estate license and founded Green Team, Inc.

After years of thankless hard work and effort, Stan transformed a fledgling landscaping operation into a first-class real-estate management, construction and commercial landscaping flagship.

Since 2007 alone, Stan's team has bought, renovated and sold over 350 homes and has made over 10 million in sales for clients. Green Team has also supported over 60 full time employees for the last 25 years as well as sold and installed over 105 million dollars of commercial landscaping.

Stan also launched Independence Realty and was the first developer in Northern Virginia to build heavy industrial warehouse condos that also included fenced-in gravel storage lots. This unique product afforded many small business owners the opportunity to own their own warehouse with the outdoor storage capacity they needed for their equipment, materials and supplies. In return, this eager customer base afforded Stan the opportunity to build and sell over 50 million dollars of this much needed product in the last 10 years.

Stan's real-estate experience has now led him to create BidLion, an innovative tool for real-estate agents that simplifies and improves the traditional real-estate sales process.

A Note from Stan:


I created BidLion to introduce more transparency to the traditional real-estate sales process so that buyers empowered with equal information could confidently compete to their limits and sellers could get the best price for their homes.

In my many years of real-estate practice, I have been party to a number of transactions where buyers having equal information about their competition would have benefited both sides of the deal.

Often times, I have made the first offer on properties new on the market, leaving myself room to negotiate upward, only to be left in the dark for days on end and then finally informed that the seller had accepted another offer that was higher than my initial offer, but lower than what I was willing to pay. Not only did I lose out these homes, these sellers lost out on a better price!

Other times, I am simply told there are other offers on the table and that I should produce my best and final offer, which leaves me second guessing any increase in price since I don't know if I am the high offer already. Sometimes I let my last offer stand and I win, sometimes I bump my offer up a little and I lose. The point is, while the seller always gets my final offer, they almost never get my best.

Bidlion sets a new standard in this regard, because all buyers see the same information and have an equal opportunity to increase their price. They also get to compete on other terms as well. If a buyer maxed out on price sees that his closest competition has a government loan, they may realize that closing 30 days earlier will save me carrying cost, which effectively raises the value of their offer a few thousand dollars. Likewise, if a buyer can show their ability to put more cash down, they make their offer more attractive to me because I know their loan will better cover the possibility of an appraisal coming in a little low.

These are important details of the deal. And as a seller, I want buyers competing for my properties to know these details so they can bring their absolute best offer to the table!

Another area I sought to improve was making an agent's job easier. As an agent in multiple offer situations, I have spent countless hours combing through contracts looking for the particulars of a deal so that I could paint a clear picture for my sellers. That time, coupled with the back and forth of negotiations and the accompanying addendum and signature gathering, translates to a lot of time and effort before an agreement is even reached. BidLion allows parties to come to an agreement on terms and price before any paperwork is generated, which means agents need only create or receive one clean contract and can use the resulting time savings to serve their clients better in other areas.

I have also designed BidLion so that agents can begin negotiating or can accept an offer before the offer period ends, because I realize that in many cases, clients will not want to wait if they do not expect multiple offers and have received a good offer already.

BidLion combines the strengths of both the auction process and the traditional sales process for the benefit of everyone. That is what Bidlion is all about; enhancing the traditional sales method to provide equal opportunity, better offers, better prices and increased efficiency.

I invite you to try this wonderful new tool and experience these benefits yourself. I am even going to give you your first listing free, because I am so confident that once you see the results, BidLion will become a part of your normal marketing strategy.

Stanley P. Dull
Founder / BidLion.com