How do sellers benefit from using BidLion?

  • Easily compare the terms of all prospective buyers and see net offers in one place!
  • Creating a competitive bidding atmosphere allows you to get the real market value for your property.
  • You'll always know of important developments as soon as your agent does because you receive the same instant email notifications they do.
  • Attach your terms of sale to your listing, allowing buyers to use acceptance of them as leverage against one another.
  • Attach a Buyer's Premium to your listing of up to 10% to pass your costs onto the buyer. The Buyer's Premium is included in the purchase price, which means it's yours.

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How does it work?

This service is simple and creates a competetive bidding atmosphere that will get you the price your home deserves:

  1. Your listing agent creates a listing on Bidlion and then directs all interest they generate by normal means to your Bidlion listing page.
  2. Competing buyers, who are represented by licensed real-estate agents, then submit informal, non-binding offers during an offer collection period, in the public view, for your evaluation.
  3. After you evaluate the offers on the table and choose the one you like best, your listing agent contacts that buyer's agent and invites them to make a formal, traditional offer using their standard local contract.

How much does it cost and who pays?

BidLion charges your listing agent a $49.95 Listing Fee when they publish your listing. This fee covers the cost of the listing advertisement and the use of our offer platform.

You, the seller, pay nothing for the use of our service unless you instruct your listing agent to attach a Buyer's Premium to your listing. In this case, your agent's $49.95 Listing Fee is waived and you assume the responsibility of paying us a Premium Service Fee of ½% of the purchase price ($699 minimum) upon successful settlement.

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